The 2018 Global Climate Action Summit will bring people together from around the world to showcase climate action and inspire deeper commitments from national governments, and one another, in support of the Paris Agreement.

A Dialogue on How Science is Supporting Climate Action

The American Geophysical Union and California Governor’s Office of Planning and Research are hosting a one-day event at the Global Climate Action Summit to focus on how research, across natural and social sciences, is advancing climate action on the ground and how science can continue to support more ambitious action on climate change. Science to Action Day will bring together researchers, businesses, subnational governments, and other stakeholders undertaking climate action.

Featuring Summit Challenge Areas



  • Have climate scientist and decision makers build connections that will accelerate science-to-action
  • Outline a science-to-action agenda that describes how we together can better leverage science for decisions and planning and what kind of research we can do to better support decisions and planning in the future.
  • Deliver to the Summit commitment from the science community on how we can support adaptation and mitigation actions.

Key Questions

  • What has been accomplished in different venues (e.g., subnational, business, industry, research…)?
  • What do recent advances in science and research mean for action and decision?
  • What needs to happen now to make that research more usable? What research still needs to happen to support current and upcoming actions and decisions?
  • What can we commit to, and what will it take?

Science to Action Declaration

A Declaration from the Participants in Science to Action Day to participants in The Global Climate Action Summit